Friday, September 14, 2018

Walker's pre-existing condition pledge is more Walker pre-existing fakery

If Walker wants to be believed on the key health care issue that is stalling his campaign right now - -
Scott Walker pledges to protect pre-existing conditions coverage as candidates clash over health care
 - - and on which he has a negative track record dating to his day-one hostility to Obamacare - - he can pull the Wisconsin Attorney General out of the lawsuit which right now is the only reason there is a threat to the pre-existing illness coverages Walker now feels pressured to protect.

Spoiler and Walker truth-in-coverage alert: He won't lift a finger to get Wisconsin out that nasty, red-state legislation.

Truth-in-politicking alert: Walker will say and do anything to stay in office, so if that means posing as the Healthcare Governor, or The smooth roads Governor, or the Education Governor or The Fiscally-and-Environmentally Prudent Governor, well, pose he will. 

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Anonymous said...

What a fake he is. While he is running on protecting existing conditions, his buddy Schimel is running and raising money on a lawsuit repealing the ACA. Schimel's case includes calls to also strike down the law's provisions for pre-existing conditions and allowing those 26 years old and younger to stay on their parent's health insurance.

If Walker is so hot to preserve pre-existing conditions protections, how can he also support Schimel's lawsuit?