Monday, September 10, 2018

Walker discovers minority children

Governor Insincerity has roused himself from the gubernatorial hammock (see Walker, gravy train, entitlements, projection and hammocks, here) with remarks about black student achievement.

If only someone hadn't made massive reductions in K-12 state school funding...or teacher support...

Here's an earlier reference to Walker and his concerns about minority children:

[Updated] Call it the revelation of Walker's dog-whistle, in a frame, so to speak.

This amazingly-lifelike painting of some Milwaukee children was commissioned for the Governor's Mansion, but Walker had it removed after he took up residence there. 

The painting now hangs in the downtown Milwaukee Public Library children's area, which is nice, but what kind of a 'leader' who had just been the Milwaukee County Executive sends that message to an artist, a city, and its children?

Remember this?

Artwork shuffle at governor's mansion raises eyebrows

Painting by David Lenz
This painting of three children of different races has been taken down at the governor’s mansion. 
Published on: 6/4/2011

Artist David Lenz has seen his work displayed prominently in the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery and the Milwaukee Art Museum.
But Lenz couldn't make the cut with Gov. Scott Walker and the Executive Residence.
Earlier this year, the governor and first lady Tonette Walker took down Lenz's painting "Wishes in the Wind," a realistic portrait of three children - one black, one Hispanic and one white - playing with bubble wands on a Milwaukee street.

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