Friday, April 20, 2018

Who paid for Walker's four-city (at least) tour signing same bill?

I assume the taxpayers. First three photos below are on his personal Twitter feed; the rest on his official state feed. Direct messIn allThese Thage
  1. Visited Onalaska to sign our $100-per-child tax rebate and sales tax holiday legislation into law. Our tax reforms are fighting for what’s best for the hard-working people of Wisconsin, not big government special interests.

  2. In Menomonie today to sign our $100-per-child tax rebate and sales tax holiday legislation. Our tax cuts are pro-family and pro-taxpayer – it’s your money, not the government’s!

  3. Stopped by Ashwaubenon today to sign our $100-per-child tax rebate and sales tax holiday legislation. We’re fighting to put more money back into the pockets of the hard-working taxpayers!

    These are from his official state Twitter account:
    1. . here in Onalaska, will be filled with parents and grandparents this August using our Child Tax Rebate & Sales Tax Holiday, to help buy crucial needs for their children before returning to school.

    2. It’s places like in Menomonie, where families can use our $100-Per-Child Tax Rebate & Sales Tax Holiday to buy a new pair of shoes for their child or a winter coat. We understand needs like these can be difficult to buy- We want to help.

    3.  17
      Stopped in Ashwaubenon to talk with people about our $100-Per-Child Tax Rebate & Sales Tax Holiday. A couple hundred dollars extra in a family budget can make a difference, especially when getting their children ready for the school year.
    4. Proud to sign our $100-Per-Child Tax Rebate & Sales Tax Holiday- here at Blain’s in Waukesha. This will help with the costs of raising children while strengthening local stores.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

Wow! Look at those throngs of adoring voters, enthusiastically cheering their governor everywhere he goes. No wait, my bad. There are just handfuls of bored-out-of-their-minds-looking children, clueless as to why they’re there and wondering why this man is handing out 20th-century writing utensils like ballpoint pens.

By the way, I am a longtime “Political Environment” reader and a first-time commenter. I greatly enjoy your blog, Mr. Rowen.

Unknown said...

I'm a public worker with 3 kids and have not had a cost of living wage increase since before ACT-10 passed in 2011. What will $100 bucks get me? One kid's school supplies? Half a month's school lunches? Shoes for 2 of them? I sincerely wish Walker the Corporate Shill knew that the more disposable income working people have, the more they pump it back into the economy. Alas, we can only explain it to him...we can't understand it for him.

James Rowen said...

Welcome. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Walker is bending the ethics laws to the limit, and likely beyond, with his non-stop use of state resources for what is clearly campaigning. With his daily schedules kept secret and nearly all avenues of enforcement under GOP control he is confident he can keep the cost to taxpayers hidden, but I'm holding out hope for an investigative report based on open records requests to expose his abuse of office for all to see.