Wednesday, September 12, 2018

J. Kleefisch had ripped Obama-era 'nanny state' e-cig. regs. What about today's crackdown?

As Trump's FDA amplifies warnings and actions against 'epidemic' vaping, let us not forget that retiring Waukesha County GOP State Rep. Joel Kleefisch had added to a career already noted for overly-enthusiastic hunting
Joel Kleefisch.jpg
and special bill-writing privileges by serving as the e-cigarettes go-to promoter in the State Capitol - -  in his own, verbatim words:
It's not governments job tell people of the legal age that they are not allowed to partake in a legal activity... 
The nanny state needs to stop interfering in our daily lives. It's no longer a matter of whether there will be efforts for government to step in and start up the vapor patrols. 
Other media had noted Kleefisch's e-cigarette defense. They should ask before he leaves the legislature if he believes that Trump is now the Nanny State bogeyman.

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