Friday, September 21, 2018

Official WI road spending facts: investment, down; debt payments up

If you talk state politics with a Republican this weekend, don't try and correct every last one of Walker's distortions and falsehoods

Just ask that GOP loyalist how they like their roads...

...and then hit them with under-appreciated facts supplied by Walker's own Department of Transportation.
Wisconsin DOT report shows total transportation funding has fallen under Scott Walker
In a nutshell, investment has plummeted across-the-board, while spending on borrowing has skyrocketed. It's like you can't put another thing on your credit card - - like car repairs, for example - - because you're already overwhelmed by interest charges you'd already racked up:
According to a DOT report on 2018-2019 budget trends released last week, spending has fallen across every road program, including major highway development, local road aid and assistance and southeast Wisconsin freeways, which saw the most dramatic decline. 
From fiscal year 2011-2012, funding for major highway development decreased by 31.2 percent, highway improvement funding fell by 23.8 percent and local road funding fell 13.4 percent in constant 2017 dollars. Funding for southeast freeways dropped by 51.1 percent.
Debt service on transportation borrowing has increased 66.9 percent since fiscal year 20121-12, according to the report.
This is how fiscal conservatives run a government? 


Man MKE said...

Walker Republicans represent the borrow-and-spend party. Anything savings, wise or otherwise, gets transformed into tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. It's that simple.

Unknown said...

The End Justifies The Means Party

Anonymous said...

Remember, Walker's game plan was always to ditch Wisconsin and become President. With the help of dishonesty media, laid lackey Christian Schneider, and boatloads of money(was some of the dark money from Putin?), the goal was always to lie about Wisconsin's finances to fool key voting constituents that Walker & GOP were "fiscal conservatives".

The ballooning debt caused by massive borrowing and postponing debt payments as they came do was all kept out of most media reports. The states media even catapulted the propaganda that putting borrowed money in Wisconsin's Rainy Day Fun was fiscal genius!

The media will hype polls heading into the election - but please do not forget what all the hyped polling data gave us in 2016, Donald Trump. Walker and his media allies are again selling snake oil and laying the groundwork for a 3rd term by hook or crook.

This story is another reason that in November we need people to get out and vote. Wisconsin's proprietary election systems are not transparent and are essentially non-verifiable in any meaningful way. Defeating Walker demands all-hands-on-deck.