Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ron Johnson adds Christine Ford to his re-victimized victims' list

Reading the repulsive suggestion based on nothing by retired Wisconsin plastics manufacturer and Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a trained clinical psychologist, might be having 'false memories' reminds me of two other occasions when Johnson 'addressed' such issues with his trademark stupidity and callous disregard for victims:
Pressed again on whether Ford's testimony was based on false memories, the second-term senator said: "There are a number of explanations for it. That would be one of them. Again, regardless of exactly — nobody knows what happened 36 years ago."
"Regardless of exactly?" Why how Senatorial of you, sir.

 And for how exactly how he's behaved in such matters before:

* Johnson had actively opposed changes in Wisconsin law that would have made it easier for complaints to be made based on misconduct that had taken place during victims' childhoods.

* He did not notify the authorities when one of his staffers said she had been assaulted at a GOP fundraiser by a Republican state legislative leader. The legislator eventually resigned and pleaded guilty after more assaultive events were documented.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

I was going to say something about how horrible Johnson is, but then I read an NPR article which revealed that Johnson is basically just doing what his voters want: according to the most recent Marist Poll, 54% of Republicans want Kavanaugh confirmed EVEN IF FORD’S ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE.

Yes, I am absolutely gobsmacked by that poll response, even though I shouldn’t be since they went ahead and voted for Trump after the Access Hollywood tape.

One observation about Ron Johnson, though: I don’t believe I have ever heard him speak without sounding like he wants to haul off and smack the person he’s talking to.

Anonymous said...

And who helped Dumb Ron Johnson get elected again?

No-show-in-Wisconsin Hillary Clinton. Fiengold should have been able to take that seat back and Clinton could have campaigned in the firewall states that were critical to defeating Trump. Polling data early in '16 showed it could happen. Russ was begging for joint appearances. She couldn't be bothered with is peons in the Badger State even though energizing voters to turn-out would have made the difference.

Obama finished his 2012 campaign with an awesome massive rally in Madison. He knew he needed Wisconsin.

We can make all the fun we want about Johnson, but the truth is this is on Hillary for ignoring us when we needed the excitement of the national campaign and polling data showed she would be well-recieved.

Everyone better just hope she doesn't hijack the 2020 primary as she will never win a national election, because of the sheer incompetence of 2016.

James Rowen said...

Usually mumbling and running his words together incomprehensibly.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Yes, Ron Johnson is second only to Scott Walker in the ability to toss incomprehensible “word salads.” One noticeable difference is that Chef Johnson usually tosses his salads with a menacing scowl, while Chef Walker tosses his with a dopey, deer-in-the-headlights look.