Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Go ahead, revel in Walker's ridiculous, revelatory remark

Walker actually said something hilarious today. He said opponent Tony Evers was a 'bought and paid for' candidate.

Psychologists would call that a projection.

Pundits would say it's the equivalent of Paul Ryan calling someone spineless, or Glenn Grothman accusing anybody of being monotonous. 

Corporate bigwigs across the country, and certain people named DeVos and Adelson and Hendricks, probably said, 'Good One!' 

Pee Wee Herman fans would say, as does their hero, "Hahaha.Haha.Hahahaha."

Here are 13 billionaire Walker supporters who got the joke:

Gov. Scott Walker's Big Money Backers Include 13 Out-Of-State Billionaires
Plus #14, Beloit's Diane Hendricks.
Wisconsin Roofing Billionaire is Top Donor to Walker Super-PAC
Here's a separate list of millionaire donors.

And the name of an outside group to which Walker directed big-ticket donations.

And the website and data base out up by Wisconsin Democracy Campaign through which you can find more comedy material.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to come up with dirt on Evers because Evers has never had to cheat or lie to get elected. It really makes Walker look like the callow idiot he is. If he were a real politician he would try to beat Evers on policy statements. Of course, that's another problem for Walker because his campaigns have been based only on getting elected, not on what he does or believes. Voters may have figured out that the only thing Walker stands for is Walker. Evers has a long political history of saying the same things year after year. It's hard to make someone with integrity look bad.