Wednesday, September 26, 2018

WI GOP legislator so done w/ that big tent 'Party of Lincoln' sh**

With mid-term early voting just underway, Wisconsin Assistant GOP Assembly Majority Leader Bob Brooks, (R-Saukville)
Image of Robert Brooks
just registered a rare trifecta in the Trump-led rebranding of the GOP as the classy, all-white guys party:

Wisconsin Assembly Republican leader apologizes for making racial, sexual comments to female lawmakers

MADISON - A top Assembly Republican made sexual comments to two female state lawmakers and a racial remark to a Latina legislator at a July event, prompting a review by the house's chief human resources official. 
Rep. Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) directed a racial remark at fellow GOP Rep. Jessie Rodriguez of Oak Creek — the only Hispanic Republican in the Assembly — at a restaurant after an Assembly GOP caucus event in Wisconsin Dells, according to sources familiar with the incident. 
A bit of a Bill Kramer echo, no? 

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Anonymous said...

I suppose if had directed his comments at a democrat we wouldn't even be hearing about it.