Thursday, September 6, 2018

I assume Walker's next step is a righteous hot foot?

I'd noted Walker's puffed-up manipulation of Colin Kaepernick's signing with Nike, and since others upset with the Nike deal are burning their shoes, when does Walker light his up?


Anonymous said...

No worries for Walker. Today's politifact at jsonline is catapulting the propaganda for him, rating an Evers statement about health care costs as "mostly false" using remarkable dishonesty (even by MSJ's low low standards) - essentially claiming that individuals are not part of families (believe it or not!).

Walker can interject himself ridiculously into tbis matter because:

1. Packer season is starting
2. The states media echo chamber will shamelessly promote him.

Read the politifact piece - it is more-than disingenuous and is yet another example of how MJS lead the way creating our "divide and conquer" governor.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Why is it that, in every recent photo I’ve seen of Scott Walker actually getting out among the common folk and participating in a parade, none of the spectators are waving back? Or smiling? Is it just that those particular snapshots didn’t capture all the waving, smiling people?