Friday, September 7, 2018

Secret $46 million WI road aid flim-flam drains local road budgets

No one seems to know who made $46 million in federal road aid disappear, or why, or for what. All we know is that local taxpayers are up the creek.
Both Appleton and Green Bay are losing out on more than $3 million in funds. These municipalities don't know where that money has been diverted.
More road expansion for Foxconn is a reasonable guess.

Or perhaps the Trump administration meddled with the rules that provide this particular pot of local funding, further pushing "Infrastructure Week" off to 2318. Who knows? 

Let's ask the guy who's already thrown away at least $2.6 billion, though his stock answer when the heat is on has been, 'I don't know. Anything.'
Seems there's now less money available to fix local streets, Scottholes
(Administrator’s note: Spelling error in original headline has been corrected.)

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