Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bear hound 'training' ended with more bloody encounters with wolves

The state-sanctioned bear-hound training period ended last month with a bloody bang.

That training period closed August 31, and Wisconsin, along among the states, pays any hunting hound owner whose dog (s) is/are injured or killed by wolves up to $2,500 per animal, even if the owner has released the dog into a known wolf activity area, or has collected other so-called 'depredation' payments, or is a proven scofflaw.

Here is an earlier link to the bigger picture.

DNR records - - here is the yearly total, per the DNR  - show that in last two days (Aug. 30-31) of the off-leash bear hound training period, two hunting dogs were killed, including a Bluetick hound like this one 

and two more hounds were killed or injured - - all in Forest County - -  so the state is on the hook for up to $10,000 in just-under-the wire-eligible reimbursements.

From DNR Records:

08/30/2018Forest1 dog injured (Walker, female, 9 years)Forest depredation siteForest depredation location map [PDF]
08/31/2018Forest2 dogs killed (Plott, male, 3 years; Bluetick, female, 4 years)Forest depredation siteForest depredation location map [PDF]

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