Friday, September 7, 2018

'Principled' Walker becomes Gov. Creepy

The Journal Sentinel notes the urpy hypocrisies underlying Walker's current embrace of sexually-explicit attack ads:
Three months ago, Gov. Scott Walker called his opponent "pathetic" for using the word "goddamn" in a speech to supporters. 
But now, the Republican incumbent is airing an ad that flashes the partially blurred words "blow job" and focuses on a young girl's breasts. Another ad paid for by the state Republican Party in support of Walker depicts a male teacher unbuckling his belt to suggest his pants were about to come off.
I'd note also the hollow, self-serving claim at the end of Walker's bio tag line on his his personal Twitter account.  
Scott WalkerVerified account@ScottWalkerHusband, father of two, 45th Governor of Wisconsin, reformer, leader & principled conservative.
And, by implication, there are conservatives who are unprincipled?

I think we're in 'I'm rubber, you're glue...' territory.

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