Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mt. Pleasant residents want answers, action on Foxconn site runoff

After flooding from 'Lake Foxconn,' 

residents and the organization "A Better Mt. Pleasant" are demanding action and answers, per the correspondence below.

Note - - a full archive of posts about Foxconn is here.
Claude Lois
Village Foxconn Project Director

Anthony Beyer, P.E.

Village Engineer/Sanitary Sewer & Storm Water Utilities Manager

Sonny Havn

President Village Storm Water Drainage Commission


September 5, 2018

Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator Maureen Murphy was kind enough to forward to me a copy of a Sigma Group erosion control memo from September 4, 2018 in response to my letter to you regarding storm water flooding coming from the Foxconn construction site - specifically at Lamparek Ditch on Monday, September 3, 2018.

We spoke directly with the DNR yesterday and they were very clear in their statements to us that storm water management and oversight is the direct responsibility of the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

Residents have been reporting excessive storm water flooding to us since August 28, 2018. They reported muddy water and silt breaking through the containment barriers into Lamparek Ditch days before I went out and filmed it myself.

According to the DNR, if sediment discharge enters a wetland or waterbody, the permittee should consult with DNR staff to determine if sediment cleanup and/or additional control measures are required. 

What - if any - additional control measure has been put in place given the number of occurrences at this location? Has Sigma requested such guidance from the DNR?

We wish to see copies of Sigma Group’s erosion control memos from August 27, 28 and 29, as well as September 3, 2018.

To reiterate my statements from yesterday, the kind of silt and muddy runoff we have witnessed at the Foxconn site is detrimental to the Pike River. Residents were assured preventative measures for storm water flooding had been calculated and put in place.

The memo forwarded to us was enlightening, but does not relieve you of your responsibility for oversight and compliance in this construction zone.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Kelly Gallaher

Cc: Sierra Club Wisconsin, Root Pike Water Initiative Network, Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, Village of Gurnee, River Alliance of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Kenosha County Stormwater Management Commission,


Anonymous said...

It's best to get the DNR on record via an email, recording or letter. Notes from a phone call or meeting don't meet their standard of proof as far as even proving comments were made.

Anonymous said...

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