Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wash Post cites knife rights trend. Walker, WI on board since '16.

The Washington Post takes note of various campaigns on behalf of Second Amendment protections for certain knives and their owners.
Borrowing strategy from NRA, activists quietly overturn knife restrictions across U.S.
For the record, Walker signed one of those measures into law in February, 2016:
...Walker addressed an annual conference hosted by the NRA and a Wisconsin sister organization in Weston [and] gave the attendees a bill signing... according to Walker's office
While at the annual conference, Governor Walker also signed Assembly Bill 142 into law.  
Assembly Bill 142 – as amended, repeals the prohibition on manufacturing, selling, transporting, purchasing or possessing a switchblade knife. Additionally, the bill would prohibit political subdivisions from enacting ordinances or adopting resolutions that regulate knives more stringently than state law.

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