Saturday, September 8, 2018

Walker stumbles into Russia-related free media hell

No candidate on a US ballot wants to be referred to as "Political Candidate 1" in court papers filed in a Russian collusion-spawned spying case brought by the Feds. 

But that's where our incumbent GOP Governor, unable to shake the after-effects of his disastrous, 71-day-debt-ridden-from-first-to-worst presidential run finds himself tonight.

We'd seen the stories and earlier photos, but take a look at what the Journal Sentinel discloses about Walker's interactions with a certain Maria Butina: 
Gov. Scott Walker had a second brief interaction with a woman now accused of being a Russian spy on the day he launched his unsuccessful presidential bid in 2015, according to a new court filing... 
Walker is referred to in the filing as “Political Candidate 1,” but the filing clearly describes him with references to when he made his presidential announcement.
MSNBC screen shot, 7/18. Russian banker/pol Alexander Torshin to Walker's right, and arrested alleged Russian spy Maria Butina to Walker's left. 

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Anonymous said...

Shit happens!

Especially if you are a shitty amoral Randite like Snott Walker.