Tuesday, September 4, 2018

See flooding off Foxconn site. Heads up, downstream!

Meet Lake Foxconn, or is Lake Foxwoebecon? 

I'd blogged on August 17th and September 1st about whether downstream neighbors and communities have anything to fear if flood-prone Racine County disgorged runoff from the Foxconn site. (full Foxconn archive here)

Here are some screen shots from video posted by the grassroots organization "A Better Mt. Pleasant" with the stormy, September 2nd answer.

And here is a full archive of posts about Foxconn dating to day one last year.


A Better Mount Pleasant said...

Thanks James. Mt. Pleasant nearly completed a $7 million rehabilitation of the Pike River which is being flooded with silt because the multi-billion dollar tech corporation couldn't build a sufficient retention barrier.

We have filed a formal complaint with the DNR.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well done. Somehow I don't think having a literal cesspool in an area that's flooding more and more is not a good plan.