Thursday, September 20, 2018

Walker boxed himself in on health care. 4 ways he can work his way out.

Walker's in self-inflicted damage control mode. There may not be a political emergency room well-enough-financed-or-equipped to save him this time.

From the political petard of his own making, Walker is now being pressed to provide details of how he'd pay for pre-existing medical insurance coverage that could disappear if the multi-state, anti-Obamacare lawsuit he's backed for years wins a courtroom victory.

The good news for Walker is that he has options.

*  He could tap his big donors for the dough. More than two dozen, including multi-billionaires,  are listed, here.

*  There's always #GoFundMe. 

*  After all, he's got considerable, first-hand experience:
Walker solicited money for conservative group, record shows
*  He could drop everything
Image result for scott walker photo fishing
and get busy starting the first #GoSaveMe effort through that tough-love,  'dignity of work' mantra he's urged on others. 

*  Or, he could stop playing political games with people's health and get Wisconsin out of that anti-Obamacare lawsuit he pushed AG Schimel to join - - though that would conflict with his own, signature pre-existing condition.

More broadly explained, here:
Because Walker will say anything to get elected
There's a 5th option which involves Walker as an observer, and obstacle to be overcome: electing Tony Evers, AG candidate Josh Kaul and a Democratic Legislature. 

Polling suggests people are liking option #5.

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