Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Are polls influencing GOP state rep who rebuffed Walker's 'quit now' demand?

Been live-blogging a mess within the Wisconsin GOP Walker didn't create but doesn't seems strong enough to manage. 

Makes you wonder if the whiffs of Walker's weakness that pollsters keep tracking have worked their way down the party's food chain.

Today's fast-moving timetable:

*  First a GOP legislator and Assembly official admitted to have severely disrespected three colleagues.

*  Then Walker, belatedly, demanded on Twitter that the state representative should quit the legislature now.
He should resign from office, period.
'No.' said State Rep. Rob Brooks:
A top Republican lawmaker stepped down from his leadership post but rejected a call from Gov. Scott Walker to resign from his Assembly seat after it was reported the legislator had made racist and sexist comments to his colleagues.
Suggesting that Walker doesn't have the same sway over the party and Legislature he once had.

Could it be that people in his own party don't feel compelled to follow Walker into the quicksand which pollsters keep mapping?
Evers leads Walker in new MU poll

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