Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Report still linked off WI DNR website explains climate change, impacts

Walker's now-infamous scrub of climate change science and scientists from the DNR didn't get everything relevant, including this interagency, science-backed report which has plenty of post-flooding
August flooding, Dane County
significance statewide. Read the whole report which I found via a WI DNR link. I pulled out a few key sentences:
Adapting to Wisconsin's Changing Climate: Science and Collaboration
Wisconsin hydrogeologists expect this kind of flooding to occur more frequently in the future. Wisconsin should be proactive in developing adaptation strategies to cope with extreme events, according to climate experts.
Storms that drop two or three inches in a 24-hour period occur today about 12 times per decade in southern Wisconsin, and seven times per decade
in northern Wisconsin. By mid-century, these are likely to occur about 25 percent more frequently and increase slightly in intensity.

The frequency of very hot days (over 90°F) will likely double, from roughly 12 per year to 25. Planning ahead for these changes can help communities become more resilient.

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