Monday, September 24, 2018

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy nails Walker on special interest $$

I'd thrown a dart at Walker for his weaselly projection of special-interest  servitude onto opponent Tony Evers, but I defer to Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy
Bruce Murphy
for the heavy harpoon he threw Walker's way. Good stuff, here:
The Best Governor Money Can Buy
Just about every Walker policy was bought by special interests. 


Anonymous said...

Good job, Murphy/Urban Milwaukee. MJS Politifact just told a pant-on-fire lie misleadingly giving walker a Half-True for a negative ad campaign that has no basis in reality. To be fair, they did rate a Tony Evers claim as "Mostly True" today but this does not make up for the lie they told over the weekend.

Evers' special education funding claim passes the test

The lie over the weekend, more Walker propaganda, was Saying Tony Evers "wants to cut Wisconsin's prison population in half, a dangerous plan that today would mean releasing thousands of violent criminals back into our communities."

The absurdity of rating this "mostly true" should be clear -- Former Gov. Tommy Thompson, who started mass incarceration in Wisconsin, himself wants to see the type of change Evers mentions -- no mention of this in the pro-Walker PolitiFact lie.

‘I apologize:’ Tommy Thompson says state locks people up for too long; wants to turn prisons into vocational schools

The bogus "half-true" rating is manufactured from whole cloth in the most dishonest of disinformation techniques.

1. MJS claims that "experts" claim immediately releasing prisoners may result in some danger. NOTE THAT TONY EVERS NEVER CLAIMED IT WOULD BE IMMEDIATE NOR THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN ALL AT ONCE.

2. MJS then claims that Tony Evers did not state a timeline -- therefor, he might be talking about releasing dangerous people. NOTE THAT TONY EVERS HAS CLEARLY SAID HE WOULD NOT RELEASE VIOLENT AND/OR DANGEROUS CRIMINALS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE

3. Because some anonymous experts that have never even tried to understand how Wisconsin can follow Tommy Thompson's lead and reduce our prison population claim that and immediate release may be dangerous, Politifact rates Walker's trumped-up attack as "Half True" when it is a PANTS ON FIRE LIE to claim Evers is promoting a plan to release dangerous and violent criminals.

This is how the lie of objective journalism works -- facts, like a rational and bipartisan desire to reduce Wisconsin's incarceration rate to be more in-line with other comparable states are "balanced" with a bold-faced lie. Scott Walker makes unsubstantiated claims about Evers. MJS does not bother to check and see if anything Evers has stated directly involves releasing dangerous criminals. Had they done this, they would know and report that Walker's claim is false.

Instead, MJS pretends that since Scott Walker has said it, the statement must be true. The very premise of this PolitiFact analysis is based on an easily-disproven lie. MJS, as if so often does, props-up Walker by giving him a free pass on a lie and they disguising this lie as a fact-check. More often, MJS lies by uncritically repeating Walker lies in headlines and in news stories themselves.

Don't let MJS fool anyone with polling data or more bogus fact checks. The truth is that Walker is a very dishonest politician that will say anything to boost himself. MJS has supported Walker throughout his career -- even when his bad decision killed a boy going to Summerfest (that was flushed down the memory hole a long time ago).

Even if you want to see Evers win by 5 or more percent -- Now is the time for action! Explain to persuadable people why Wisconsin needs change. Get out and vote. Get others out to vote. Assume that Walker, by default, wins if people stay home or if the election is close. Please remind everyone that is sick of Walker what happened in Wisconsin in 2016!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Always follow the money when it comes to Walker and WisGOP's decisions. Every time.

There's only one thing Walker is consistent and honest about - paying back anyone who pays him. Whether that's through money or power or both.

And Scotty sees the gravy train ending if he gets rolled up this November, which is why he acts more desperate by the day.