Monday, September 27, 2010

Not A Story From "The Onion" Story: Ron Johnson Wanted To Prevent Filing Of Lawsuits by Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

Making it harder for young sexual assault victims to sue their perpetrators' employers?

Oooh, too costly, said Johnson in what has been described as his first foray into politics.

Yipes, what a beginning. 

I guess there's a pro-business spin to anything, but who would get up in front of a state legislative panel and find a dollars-and-cents excuse to hurt these victims again?

Talk about an "ick-factor," and who wants that kind of compassionate conservatism in the US Senate?

Curiously, Dan Bice reported it months ago.

No doubt video of his testimony makes it newsier and certainly makes Johnson downright creepy - - and, there's a bonus: we get a look at the beard Johnson had until recently.

We're learning more and more about this guy every day, but let's wait until Tuesday so talk radio can straighten this all out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rowen, is Feingold going to be at the Obama rally in Mad-town today?

Or is he going to have another "scheduling conflict"?

enoughalready said...

"No doubt video of his testimony makes it newsier ..."

That is, unless you are The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which hasn't even seen fit to mention the video on its "All Politics" blog, let alone in a newspaper article.