Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Don't forget Ron Johnson's role in Bill Kramer scandal

Misdemeanor pleas, jail and alcohol treatment have resolved felony charges of sexual assault against Wisconsin State Rep. Bill Kramer, (R-Waukesha).

The incidents had occurred after a GOP fundraiser in Muskego in 2011, but only came to light after unrelated accusations of inappropriate behavior by Kramer towards two other women became publicly known following a Washington, DC fundraiser earlier this year, according to the Journal Sentinel.

It is worth noting that US Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-WI), did not notify the authorities when he learned of the 2011 incident. The victim was a member of his staff.

Had the 2011 incident been reported, Kramer's subsequent wrong-doing after the 2014 Washington, DC fundraiser might have been prevented, and his receipt of alcohol treatment might have begun to his benefit earlier.

Johnson also had nothing to say when the Kramer story broke, the Journal Sentinel reported:
Johnson declined an interview request, and a spokeswoman for the senator repeatedly declined to comment from Thursday night through Friday evening.
Kramer was formerly the GOP Assembly majority leader. He did not run for re-election this fall, and was allowed to remain in the Legislature until January, 2015 because his plea deal reduced the felony charges to misdemeanors.

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Anony too said...

Well, don't forget that Senator RoJo supports sexual assault in all its forms, including church-on-child or drunk-man-on-any-woman.