Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Three more WI bear hounds thrown fatally to wolves

Three more hounds being 'trained' by Wisconsin bear hunters were killed by wolves, reports the WI DNR, bringing to six during the current period when bears can be harassed by hounds off-leash and into wolf territory made even more appealing to wolves by the placement of bear bait.

Two of the dogs killed in recent days were Walker hounds, similar to this one:
As reported often on this blog, Wisconsin pays hounders $2,500 per dog killed in this fashion - - a payment no other state provides - - even if the hunters were far from their animals, disregarded posted DNR wolf activity warnings or had hunting or other violations on their records.

Separately, a US Court of Appeals panel has unanimously refused to reinstate Wisconsin's wolf hunt, thereby minimizing wolf-hound violence, as Wisconsin's hunt was the only one nationally to permit dogs in the hunt itself. 

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