Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WI DNR: all quiet on Kewaunee County e. coli pollution front

Last month I asked The Wisconsin DNR if it had distributed any of the bottled water it pledged to Kewaunee County residents with manure runoff-contaminated

well water.

The answer was "no," because no one had asked for any.

I renewed my request and this was the updated response today from agency spokesman James F. Dick: 
We haven't received any reports of manure impacted private wells in Kewaunee County in the last few months. We would have no idea if any have been reported to the Kewaunee Health Dept. since the county health programs are not required to report e. Coli positive private wells to the DNR. We haven’t received any requests for emergency water under the criteria spelled out in NR 738.

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