Monday, August 28, 2017

Time for the WI legislature to put Foxconn on hold

Last week I'd put up a yellow caution light on Foxconn, but with news of possible local tax increases due to Foxconn on top of all the other risks, it's time to switch to red, as the Journal Sentinel reports:
The Foxconn Technology Group deal could drop a multibillion-dollar dilemma onto one of the two southeastern Wisconsin counties competing to land it.
The sheer size of the deal — and the state’s complex tax laws — might leave municipal and county officials in the winning community with a tricky decision... 
"You could see a big (property tax) increase and residents aren't going to be happy with that," said Dale Knapp, research director of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, who examined the issue at the request of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 
Red stoplight​​ 
Here's one updated and summary post with 48 reasons why the Legislature needs to stop before further action.


Anonymous said...

It's almost like someone who had no idea about business negotiation, negotiated this deal. huh.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's almost like the Fox-con isn't part of a well thought-out economic strategy for job and community growth, but is instead a cynical pre-election stunt by a Governor with approval at 40%.