Thursday, August 31, 2017

GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany as WI DNR Secretary?

[Update from 8/30/17] 

Tiffany - - no comment on whether he's interested.
  19 minutes ago19 minutes agoMore At MJS, had no comment on his interest in being next DNR secy. Said he hasn't been asked by admin. Loves current job.
Here is a thought already circulating about whom Walker could name as his replacement for Wisconsin DNR Cathy Stepp as she leaves to help Donald Trump and EPA's Administrator Scott Pruitt wreak environmental havoc nationally.

State Sen. Tom Tiffany, (R-Hazelburst).

Walker has a history of appointing sitting or former GOP legislators to key policy-making and pension-boosting positions - - off the top of my head I can list ex-GOP State Reps. Jeff Stone and Phil Montgomery now at the Public Service Commission, former Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch who was Secretary at the Department Of Administration, former Rep. Mark Gottleib who served as Secretary at WisDOT until several months ago, and the retiring DNR Secretary and ex-State Sen. Stepp herself.

And while a Tiffany 
Tom Tiffany.jpg
appointment would be controversial, few legislators have been more reliable Walker water-carriers on basic GOP pro-business/environmental deregulation matters including the iron mining bill, the new sulfide mining enabling bill, noted here and more recently, here and the elimination of science staffing positions at the DNR.

Given the GOP's Senate majority, confirmation should be guaranteed, as would filling the vacancy.

Just all fyi.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying Toxic Tom is not the replacement, though as James says, it fits Walker's philosophy. Tiffany would be ecstatic to be able fulfill his dream of eviscerating the DNR, and with similar qualifications for the job as Stepp, i.e. absolutely none, he will send Wisconsin sliding further into environmental catastrophe. I would be glad to lose him as my state Senator, but fear his replacement in that position will be just as bad.