Wednesday, August 9, 2017

If Foxconn is exempted from env. regulation, why not CAFOs?

[Updated] If Foxconn's development site can be exempted from environmental rules that are supposed to ensure the clean water that is the people's constitutionally-guaranteed right, then why not draw the same kind of privileged lines around the rapidly-expanding Wisconsin industrial-scale big animal feeding factories known as CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)?

Making brown water events more probable - - even where you might not expect one:
You can have a WI brown water event on the road
That's the import of a lawsuit in which:
...the [Dairy Business Association] says that DNR has no authority in most cases to require large-scale farms to obtain state water discharge permits. The permits impose significant regulations, including requirements on the way manure is spread.
This is a direct result of the corporate-friendly legal opinion sought successfully from right-wing GOP Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel at the request of the right-wing GOP Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to expand the reach of right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker's ideology and the 'chamber of commerce mentality' he imposed on the DNR - - all noted here:
As predicted, WI AG endorses giveaway of public's waters
I'd written a few days ago that the lawsuit is designed to further restrict Walker's already-watered down Wisconsin DNR from overseeing CAFOs without regard for brown water events flowing from rural land to kitchen taps.

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