Monday, August 14, 2017

Three more dogs killed in WI-sanctioned hound-wolf/bear harassment

Three more Wisconsin hunting dogs like this Walker hound
were thrown over the weekend into fatal confrontations with wolves - - bringing to ten the number of bear hounds killed by wolves in recent weeks, reports the DNR.

Owners whose hounds are killed when let loose to chase, tree and otherwise 'train' for the bear-killing season later this year are eligible for a Wisconsin-only reimbursement from public funds of $2,500 per dog.

The money can be collected even if the hound owners run their dogs where they are attracted by bait the state allows hear hunters to spread.

And the animal cruelty doesn't stop with the bear-and-wolf chasing:
Wisconsin hunters are also allowed to train their dogs against a variety of living, captive, caged wild animals, including bears. 
In some cases, small animals, like trapped raccoons, are allowed to be put into cages that roll - - so-called "roll cages" - - as part of the dogs' training.
This was the report from the DNR today:

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated the following hunting dogs over the weekend: 
- A Walker Hound on 8/12/17 in the Town of Blaine, Burnett County. - Two Walker Hounds in the same incident on 8/13/17 in the Town of Blaine, Burnett County.
More information and a caution-area map are available on the gray wolf webpage. 
Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (, keyword "wolf depredation") to help reduce conflicts. 
Separately, more here about a wolf film presentation in Madison later this year.  


Anonymous said...

Stop paying these idiots. What a way to make extra money by sacrificing their dogs. Beyond sport, humanity, or common sense.

Anonymous said...

You want to hunt dangerous game do it at your own expense Sad for the dogs.