Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WI GOP leaders helped create and sustain the Trump catastrophe

[Updated with Cathy Stepp documentation.] It's about the right time as the dangerous, white supremacist-coddling, media-scapegoating, Putin-accomodating, dictator-aspiring, crowd-instigating Donald Trump rants entirely unpresidentially in Arizona, praises the convicted former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and repeatedly lies to the cameras and the crowd to remind people in Wisconsin and my friends elsewhere that Speaker Ryan, Gov. Walker, Sen. Johnson
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp and the entire Wisconsin GOP Congressional delegation stood with, raised money for, campaigned as a team and continue to support this very sick, menacing Commander in Chief. An embarrassed and correctly worried state condemns you all.


Anonymous said...

So many thanks, James.

Really, I'm glad you recognize our situation here and now, but why don't we criticize Trump and Spence et al? Trump is warped, nothing to admire, yet why should we continue the GOP program they push?

Why not being very direct about what you oppose, avoiding the neoliberal mindset, and trying to win elections not based on money but people involvement?

I live near Glen Grothman, and I appreciate Tom Petri (though he was really bad), more than Grothman... I am not with them at all yet our local Democratic Party does little to oppose them. Give us something to vote for...

Anonymous said...

Well said, anonymous - feel your pain. The WI First District Dems have put up a long, sorry line of inept candidates to challenge Ryan. (And, this was BEFORE a gerrymander made his District even safer for an incumbent R.) Thanks for nothing, Ds.