Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's thank WI GOP electeds for our Russia-obesiant President

Given more disclosures about Trump's work during the presidential campaign on a Putin-financed Trump Russian tower project - - and here's more of that reporting - - let's give a shoutout to key Wisconsin GOP pols like Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, et al, for helping swing Wisconsin to Trump and nail down his win.

But remember, there's been no collusion. No business connections to Russia. Nothing that Putin's got on Trump. Just a bunch of coincidences, fake news, and, don't forget about Hillary's server.
Vladimir Putin - 2006.jpg
I've offered these GOP leaders my thanks before.

And, often last year, beginning with Walker's absolute Trump endorsement.

And, more recently, when I said after #Charlottesville and Republicans barely criticized Trump:

Silence gives consent

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