Friday, August 18, 2017

Green? WI GOP likes brown, orange, perhaps blackish, 'sudsy'

You've read abut brown water events in Kewaunee County that have nothing to do with spills of talking about chocolate milk.

Well, get out your color chart, and more filters, Bucky, as our green legacy and precious blue waters

Lake Michigan 
could have a new range of tints and taints.

While our right wing GOP Gov. and willing corporate captive Scott Walker has already positioned an intentionally-downgraded and redefined 'chamber of commerce mentality' Department of Natural Resources allied with well-connected industry insiders to let the taps run brown near those industrial-scale animal feeding and manure-making operations
and the GOP Attorney General, in cahoots with the GOP-run Legislature, has helped divert groundwater to big users and permanent privatization, Walker's  hand-picked legislative tool who had led the unsuccessful effort to clear-cut, dig up and fill the pristine Penokee Hills' streams and wetlands for open-pit iron mining and its toxic, sulfuric runoff is back at it again 

on the heels of the Assembly's award on Thursday of unique permissions enabling Foxconn to easily fill wetlands and discharge industrial waste.

Though Foxconn's waste dumping record includes known discharges, of, shall we say, multi-colored
water with a black-green color and a chemical odor have been dumped from both Foxconn and UniMicron plants into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers -- which feed into the Yangtze and Huangpu rivers. “Sudsy” water is dumped from Foxconn twice a day.

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