Thursday, August 31, 2017

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke resigns. Questions abound

Milwaukee County Sheriff and right-wing self-promoting spokesman David Clarke resigned 15 minutes ago.

Was five relatively recent deaths in the jail he 'managed' the magic number?

Did Cathy Stepp need a bodyguard?

Is there a business which stamps out badges and medals that needs a pitchman?

Did he finally get that Homeland Security position, did Fox 'News' offer him a slot, or does a Trump-endorsed book and right-wing speaking tour a new career make? Appropriate that Clarke is at an event in Tennessee so was not available to comment.

Stay tuned, and bring on qualified candidates, as Milwaukee County really needs a breath of fresh law enforcement air after Clarke's bombastic self-marginalization....

Oh, I forgot, Walker gets to name a replacement, so bring on the partisan hacks.

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