Sunday, August 13, 2017

On terrorism, there's the bad, and really bad, Scott Walker

[Updated] I noted yesterday that like the fake law-and-order Donald Trump, our very own carbon copy weakling Scott Walker could not bring himself to be pointed and accurate in his meak, brief 67-character tweet (he couldn't even summon up a full 140 characters of genuine outrage against Nazis or the KKK) about murder and mayhem in Charlottesville at the hands of a white supremacist mob - -
We should all condemn the violence and hate in Charlottesville, VA.
- - though other Republican leaders like Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had no problem using language like "terror" or "terrorism."

And he hasn't added anything more about it since he posted his tweet 22 hours ago. I just checked at 11:39 a.m.

"Terrorism" has popped up on Walker's Twitter feed before:

More"Scott Walker calls for aggressive stance against terrorism" via - TW
12:00 PM - 17 May 2015 
But What Walker was referencing on Twitter that day was an AP story about, again, some uninspired, boilerplate remarks he made during his nano-second Presidential run about fighting terrorism abroad.

And when he should have been calling for a broad aggressive response against violent white supremacists terrorizing an American city?

Walker spent the rest of the evening yesterday repeatedly tweeting and posting photos and adding super-extra !!!!'s 
about the Brewers extra-inning win. 

. thanks for a super ending!!!!
Then again, we really should have no expectations that Walker understands terrorism, given his major stumble over the issue during that same failed run for President:
Yes, Scott Walker really did link terrorists with protesting teachers and other unionists
Final thought and credit given where it's due. 

Walker did get all the way up to 85 characters with this tweet about domestic terrorism he still would not name:
Our prayers for the families & friends of loved ones killed in Charleston, S.C. - SKW 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

I noticed the same thing. Yet Scotty is quick to tweet about any Islamic terror attack. Wonder why?

Actually, I don't wonder why. It's because amoral Scotty has no problem with working to get the votes of racist trash, as long as it helps him win. And he is far from the only GOP who thinks that way.


Boxer said...

He's a 3-day old ham sandwich on white bread--that's been sitting in the sun.