Saturday, August 26, 2017

Go suck on a $1 billion worth of lemons, Bucky

Remember when WI Gov. Scott ("Re-election Desperation") Walker told anyone objecting to his unprecedented giveaway of tax money to Foxconn to "go suck lemons?"

Well, looks like about a billion bucks worth of lemons will be sucked across the University system, the health care sector, public eduction and the rest of the general fund in just the next several budgets without being made into lemonade. 

Early onset buyers' remorse?

Or is the logical outcome of stripping the public treasury and resources for a private enterprise - - furthering Walker's vision of government run with "a chamber of commerce mentality" and reinforcing the right-wing myth that government can't be relied on to do its job?

Gee, sorry, transit users, Medicaid patients, teachers and health departments and local street aids: no state money for a few decades - - but have you got the latest LCD flatscreen TV?

For the far-right, this is taking lemons and making fine lemonade.


Anonymous said...

The right-wing myth "government will do it's job" I call bull crap on that! And I have proof of that in my shirt pocket. On the AVERAGE we are receiving 6-8 unsolicited phone calls a day on our cellphones. Ours phone have been on the DO NOT CALL list since 2005. A recent check reconfirmed that is the case.

It IS the government's job stop unwanted call. And they are failing. Not just my family but dozens of other families here among my facebook friends. Try asking your friends if they too are getting unsolicited calls. Day, night, weekends it doesn't matter.

I don't care how they do THEIR job but do it. It would be a cop out for Wisconsin officials to blame the federal DO NOT CALL list even though they default to the federal list. Listen Wisconsin government you are not doing YOUR job!

Anonymous said...

I've asked my legislators Nass and Loudenbeck where the $250-$300 million in cash will come from to pay Foxconn each year once the shovels hits the ground. Loudenbeck voted yes and hasn't gotten back to me with an answer. Nass says it will come from the General Fund budget. Again I asked where the money will be found to put into the general fund ......raising taxes, borrowing or cuts in funding to existing programs. NO ANSWER! We all know it will come from cuts in spending as Walker has pledged to never raise taxes and borrowing is out of the question as he has already put us $2 billion more in debt. We will hear the 2010 political refrain from Walker and the Republicans......"we're broke so we need to make cuts." Once again those in need and the working class will take it in the shorts. When will Wisconsinites realize that these clowns are picking their pockets and leaving them worse off than they were before they took control of Wisconsin?