Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is Stepp off to help ruin the US EPA?

She confirmed to the Journal Sentinel today that she's been discussing joining the Trump administration. 
Would she accept an offer?
"Depends on what the job would be," Stepp said.
I'd written her up in December as a potential US EPA wrecking crew member, but I said it was a long-shot.
...Wisconsinites with private sector, public sector and the right/Right correct partisan and ideological credentials who might rate a look by Trump or his transition team.
*  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp, whom Walker appointed to run the agency because she had the "chamber of commerce mentality" he wanted to direct his DNR redefinition which continues to be embedded and operate there.
Secretary Cathy Stepp
She spoke publicly for Trump during the campaign and has, on paper a resume which might have some appeal, having been a land developer, a Wisconsin State Senator, and high-profile cabinet Secretary for nearly five years - - and is on a first name basis with Elizabeth Uihlein, a major donor to Republicans, Scott Walker and Donald Trump, as I noted recently
Stepp might not want to move to Washington, DC, but could be dropped into a spot like Regional Director at the US Environmental Protection Agency Chicago's office and easily commute there from her Racine County base.
My apologies, as I underestimated Trump's depravity and Stepp's ambition.


Anonymous said...

Reports in DC and Chicago are not like the GOP friendly gang here. I hope she goes.

Anonymous said...

Stepp to the EPA?

Hell no!

You'd best keep her at home.

Born in WI but escaped before the mouth breathing rebiblicans took over.

Anonymous said...

As a former DNR employee let me assure everyone Stepp is totally despised by regular field staff. Only her very highly paid inner circle, and that is a lot of people, support her destruction of the DNR. She is absolutely despicable and has absolutely NO environmental interests.

The people of WI got what they voted for,albeit they were deceived.