Wednesday, August 16, 2017

4 more hounds injured, one killed in WI wolf territory

I noted the other day the escalating death toll among hounds allowed to run off-leash during 'training' for the upcoming bear hunting season - - training that harasses and terrorizes both bears, and the stronger, predatory wolves which will attack the smaller, more vulnerable hounds when they run through wolf rendezvous and denning territory.

Wisconsin is thus sanctioning wolf-dog fighting, and will pay a hunter whose hound is killed this way $2,500 per dog, even if the dogs were allowed to run through know wolf activity areas, or if the owner is a repeat payment collector, and even a scofflaw.

Advocates have a legal strategy to end these animal cruelty practices.

Which go far beyond these legal wolf-dog encounters. Details, documentation here.

There is news today from the DNR that five more hunting dogs, including an English coonhound like this one
English Coonhound.jpg

were more recently thrown by their owners into thoughtless, losing fights with Wisconsin wolves, with the following consequences, the DNR reports:
1 dogs killed (English Coonhound, female, 4 years), 4 dogs injured (2 Plott Hounds, 1 English Coonhound, 1 Black and Tan Hound)Marathon depredation siteMarathon depredation location map [JPG]

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