Thursday, August 3, 2017

Foxconn 'public' hearing stacked vs. public

I guess you can gerrymander a hearing.

Madison Capital Times reporter Jessie Opoien's Tweet portrays a stacked Foxconn 'public' hearing where the public had to sit through hours - - and maybe walks away from - - of testimony from invited big shots:
Stacking a 'public' hearing with invitees and big shots shuts out the public. For shame. Jessie Opoien ‏Verified account @jessieopie 2h2 hours ago
Foxconn hearing started at 1:30 p.m. It's 7:08 p.m. now and there are still 15 invited speakers before the public queue is called.
More on what issues are being ignored


At 9:30 p.m. the public testimony portion of the hearing begins. Invited speakers went from 1:30-now.


Anonymous said...

I listened for a while to the hearing on wiseye. I have some questions that are major concerns:
1. Why are they constantly talking as if this will be the biggest economic boon ever to Wisconsin? Are they just that stupid? Think of all the major manufacturers we have had here and you begin to realize they are just full of crap. I guess Oshkosh Truck, Harley, Mercury, GM, Allis, etc were all chopped liver.
2. What happens to the factory when LCDs become obsolete in a few years?
3. If we have supposed full employment, where are the workers going to come from?
4. The Veber guy from WMC, how in the heck did Act 10 and right to work bring them here? Easy answer, lower wages.
5. Why are all of the GOP drooling over this instead of asking the hard questions?
6. Why was the standard answer to the character questions related to Foxconn answered by saying "you'll have to ask them"? Where was a rep for the company?
7. If this is such a great deal, where was Scooter? Easy answer, he is too stupid to answer any questions so his handlers told him to stay home.
8. If WMC really wants to build up our economy, why do they always lie when it comes to where Scooter has taken us?

Anonymous said...

How will the state track if Foxconn lives up to their expections when the state lost track with companies with only 2/3 employees?

Anonymous said...

The state lost track of companies that never even started up.
So what happened between these dirtbags who decided that a teacher making 35,000 was too much? Who thought the state parks were too expensive, which ends up bringing far more into the state economy through tourism than Foxconn ever will?
The clowns who think it would be a good idea to take state retirement funds too save our state budget, now think we can give away billions to a single company. Why is it wrong for someone to double dip in retirement, from their own accounts, but ok for a multibillion dollar corporation to get free money. You can bet your retirement that when this deal goes through and five years down the road our budget is worse than ever, Vos will have a new great idea to steal WRS funds to plug the holes.
You know why they refuse to set a wage floor for this company? Another easy answer: Lets say the CEO gets 20 million, and a couple of other "higher ups" get 5 million. A few other executives at a couple hundred grand, and your floor workers are now far below the projected number.
This entire deal stinks. The drooling fools blindly supporting it stink.
Here is an alternative plan: Let the citizens of Racine and Kenosha vote on whether they want to pony up the money themselves. The WMC then should chip in a billion also. The WMC should be putting their hand out to help instead of looking for another handout.
The really sad story is that even if this is a great deal, the Walkerites have created so much hatred that half the state will never trust him. The POS has stolen enough of my money, so I will never trust him.

Anonymous said...

The only explanation for the desperation with which the GOP is pursuing Foxconn is that it is an election year and the GOP controlled legislature has done literally nothing to improve the lot of the people of WI. Healthcare, roads, education, small business, air, water, housing...Nothing.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You've described the intelligence of the design! You wonder why WEDC's CEO was testifying how great a deal this Fox-con was?