Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Put Walker's spin through the Foxconnomatic decoder...

And this Tweet from three hours ago:

Pushing to renegotiate Foxconn deal will please 49 other Governors w/ a renewed chance to land thousands of family-supporting jobs from WI

They've got me just where they wanted.


Anonymous said...

What a moron.
So all the fiscal analysis that has come out is from the other 49 states? The Illinois governor is mad that Wisconsin is going to burn up their budget while they reap the benefits? I'll bet all of the "other" (yes, he thinks Wisconsin borders Canada) states that border Canada are going to build a wall????
I avoided calling the rube Scooter out of respect to Scooter Gennet. I can't call him Walker now that Neil is with the Brewers. I don't like calling him Governor because he has done nothing for this state to earn that title. From here on out, I will refer to him as "Moron".

Anonymous said...

What about the almost $1 billion and thousands of jobs Walker gave to CA and other states when he rejected the high speed rail money? What about the estimated 10,000 jobs Walker rejected by turning down medicaid expansion money that also went to other states? Scott Walker has lost more jobs and more federal dollars than any WI governor ever and yet we, WI tax payers are supposed to pony up $3 billion for a vanity proposal to boost his image for the upcoming gubernatorial election in 2018? No wonder he was unable to finish college. He is a moron.

Unknown said...

He can't even pay his Sears card, he's a doofus.