Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walker steals Reggie White's identity as Foxconn prop

Just when you think Wisconsin's GOP Governor Shameless can't further inflate his own persona, or more grossly manipulate his phony Foxconn math, Scott Walker outdoes himself and the low-bar he displayed to international audiences and the US electoral during his lavishly overspent and failed presidential bid
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by comparing himself to the late Reggie White:
...[Walker] said bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin would be so monumental that it would transform the state's economy. 
"To me much as Reggie White transformed the Green Bay Packers, we’ll see the same here," Walker said. 


Anonymous said...

A few reasons to say no now to any Fox Conn negotiations before looking at specific numbers:
1. Walker is a chronic liar, and a nincompoop with economics.
2. Fox Conn's reputation.
3. Fox Conn's projections have been the numbers used.
4. All negotiations have been secret.
5. The anti government stance that was used to derail the train, which would have been a better stimulus plan, is now a thing of the past.
6. They took money away from all public sector workers but now they have billions to give away. So it is way too much to pay a starting teacher 35,000 and give them benefits, but are P.O.S. governor will pay 54,000 for some future individuals job that might never be created and may be obsolete in a couple of years?????
7. The morons can't pass a budget.

Maybe a better comparison would be when Green Bay brought in John Hadl. I would compare the moron Scooter to the idiot Devine who also was desperately trying to keep his job.

This is how I see it: A corrupt moron is playing give away with my money. If this passes I will move out of this crap hole state.

Man MKE said...

Walker isn't the Reggie White of Wisconsin politics, he's the hapless QB of an inferior team, about to take a big sack of our cash and give it away. If he does, we should rush him hard, chase him out of his deep pocket, and sack him hard.