Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Beware linking the words "Scott Walker" and "principle"

And, of course, Walker's announcement of an overdue budget deal "in principle" was shot down by legislators with whom he'd struck that deal.

It's his red-ink stained, incoherent, and 2018-campaign focused budget, thus his delay, so why would they bail him out?

And what is it with Walker and budgets?

Remember the "modest, modest proposal" he made to resolve an alleged budget deficit - - his 2011 budget deal better known as Act 10.

And, of course, Walker's 'deal' would put an extra fee on hybrid and electric vehicles to close the transportation spending gap he's been broadening since 2003 by backing major highway expansion projects with no funding in hand, while continuing his Koch-friendly war against alternative energy technologies while big rigs and heavy vehicles do more damage to pavement than Chevy Volts and Toyota Priuses.

(Full disclosure: I own a 2006, light-as-a-feather Honda Ciivic hybrid, and pay the every year same vehicle registration fee as a much heavier sedan or SUV.)

Bottom line: you'll be conned again if trust Walker's claims about Foxconn, because there is nothing principled about him.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, he's principled. If you donate enough money, Scotty will never fail to use his position to pay you back.

Oh, and he'll take any stance on an issue to gain a political advantage and/or advance his career.