Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Walker, Johnson offer the meekest responses to Trump's ugliness

Hey, Trump can have a bad day, Walker suggests, while Ron Johnson reveals his mild discomfort about the ugly things that come out of the President's mouth. 

Such are the courageous stances taken by our leading Wisconsin Republican office holders after the KKK and neo-nazis brought about the murder of a young peaceful protester in Charlottesville, and President Trump embraced what is politely called the 
Alt-right' and wouldn't stick with scripted condemnations that obviously were not from his damaged heart.

*  Gov. Walker today stepped forward a good 24 hours too late and a) evaded criticizing Donald Trump by name over the President's pro-white supremacy position, and b) gave Trump, overall, a broad shoutout, discounting what Trump had said, and why:

Walker said he will not measure Trump's fitness to lead the country based on a "particular day or comment," rather, he will look at how the administration's policy affects the citizens of Wisconsin
The Trump administration is "going in the right direction" with regards to dairy policy, manufacturing policy and workforce development, Walker said.
"Would I occasionally like the president to do or say things slightly different than he does? Of course. I don’t think that's unheard of," Walker said. "But I think when I look at the substance of what this administration is doing and the benefits it has for manufacturers, for farmers, for others in this state, I’ve been overall very pleased with the changes and improvements that they’ve made." 
Key Walker weasel words there: "Occasionally...slightly..."

Meanwhile, Johnson was working from the same Gutless Thesaurus, admitting in the face of rationalizations of white nationalism to being 'not entirely comfortable' with some of Trump's pronouncements, giving Walker a run for the coveted Limp Speech Award. 

Your leaders, Party of Lincoln.

On, Wisconsin.


Karl said...

Shameful but entirely predictable

Anonymous said...

Walker pronounced the word "biggerty" twice.

He can't even pronounce the word, much less comprehend bigotry's effects on people less-privileged than himself. Trump and Walker are both A+ examples of white privilege in action. Not only would discussing it harm their standing with their 'deplorable' base, it would burst their bubbles of self-concept and identity. I'd feel sorry for their ignorance if I weren't so disgusted with -- and frankly afraid of -- such narcissism coupled with real power.