Friday, August 18, 2017

Wisconsin is ground zero for Trump enabling, GOP cowardice

The Republican Party was born in Wisconsin, so there's a karmic symmetry to  GOP leaders here speeding its death spiral.

As neither GOP US House Speaker WI Congressman Paul Ryan, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker or Wisconsin GOP senior US Senator Ron Johnson will criticize Donald Trump by name
Donald Trump Pentagon 2017.jpg
for having used the Presidency to equate torch-wielding, hate-spewing, assaultive and murderous neo-nazis and anti-semites with those who gathered to protest the bigotry and hate.

It's a cowardly continuation of the cover and coddling in which Ryan/Walker/Johnson swaddled Trump throughout his ugly, name-calling and brutish campaign even after Trump had encouraged his crowds to "knock the crap" out of protesters and bragged he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City with complete impunity.

The Ryan/Walker.Johnson strategy: count on voters' short attention spans, trust that events overtake this latest but by no means final iteration of Trump's menace and madness, pretend Trump isn't their party's leader and that they didn't help normalize and elect him ('Hillary's emails!! OMG!!'), and let things blow over.

Don't let it happen.

The country can't risk it, because the next time Trump's neo-nazi supporters provoke violence they may not be satisfied with a single killer taking just one life with a car.

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