Saturday, August 19, 2017

Robin Vos trivialized $3 billion, ignored shocking jobs info

Did you notice this claim made by GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos after the Foxconn bill sailed through his chamber Thursday after a single, stage-managed 'public' hearing and less than a month after Foxconn announced its factory-construction plan? 
"It’s no different than how we’ve done economic development in Wisconsin for other companies,” Vos said.
Picture of Representative Robin VosHere is a list of the "other companies" which have received similar Wisconsin development packages that include Foxconn-level state cash payments and tax forgiveness of $3 billion, a 26-year break-even schedule for taxpayers, substantial additional levels of local taxpayer assistance - - all approved by the Assembly prior to the completion of routine public-sector and local government fiscal vetting - - and unique waivers of state environmental law and procedures to allow a company to discharge waste, fill wetlands, build into lakes and divert streams.

Though - - the Assembly voted to provide these 'incentives' despite a weakly-explained boost of 60% in the number of projected jobs created by the incentive package that was contained in a state-paid consultant report prepared in July which the state did not release in a timely fashion, according to the Journal Sentinel. 
The report by consulting firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause was paid for by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., which had previously denied an open records request by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the document by saying it was a draft.
The document reports the plant would create a maximum of 8,260 jobs rather than 13,000.
The study also projects that a larger share of the jobs building and running the plant would go to out-of-state workers. Baker Tilly changed those assumptions and findings in a newer version of the report that was released to the Journal Sentinel on Monday
Oh - - here's the list of the "other companies" Vos no doubt was referencing:

(Hint: there are none.)

Calling PolitiFact...


RootsWire said...

A MEEELLLIONNN new jobs. All paying a gazillion dollars a year. With great benefits. And a pony. At a cost of - er - um -- well, okay 500,000 per job but you get what you pay for!!!

Anonymous said...

Just read about the deal Foxconn made with Brazil. They said they would give the country 100,000 jobs. After failing to get 2500 they now are leaving. We are, by far, the most moronic state on the planet.

Bernard J. (Bernie) Starzewski said...

Yes but Barca's constituents love it so it must be true!
No leadership here folks.
Nothing to see...
Move along!

Anonymous said...

Just so glad I didn't go to business school. I would have been taught the opposite of what is truth. Happy to be a scientist.