Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another day, another Foxconn data correction

I'd said over the weekend that there were plenty of reasons to slow down the fast-tracked Foxconn plan.

And I'd noted Walker and his partisan allies' dubious Foxconn workforce claims - - followed by corrections to Foxconn payroll estimates and other critical projections - - a weakness clouding the project from its sudden disclosure.

So on the eve of today's pivotal, and perhaps last Foxconn hearing schedule in Kenosha another report was released with more rosy economic projections - - but which included a news release and abstract containing a substantial spin-off jobs-counting error.

The mistake was acknowledged and corrected, but it highlights the need for more caution as proponents propel the state to unprecedented and long-term financial and environmental risk.
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A broad archive on these issues, here.


Anonymous said...

Three more plants in Wisconsin announced Today.
I think they figured out that the deal was dead, so we can throw some more incentives in to buy off the Senate.
Just remember, they promised 100,000 jobs in Brazil, but it never got over 2500. What in the heck is up with this company? What is wrong with our politicians? I do not want to give them a penny of my hard earned money, so I guess I have one choice, MOVE OUT of this corporate welfare crap hole.
O, I forgot, minimum wage assembly jobs will stop the Wisconsin brain drain.

Man MKE said...

A long-standing political aphorism, "You can't shit a shitter," is now stood on its ear. You *can* BS a modern Wisconsin GOP conservative, if you're a radical, "it's all about me" governor who's a fake conservative.