Saturday, August 12, 2017

Walker meeker & weaker than Ryan, Cruz, others #Charlottesville

On Twitter, Walker weighs in as meekly and weakly as did Trump #Charlottesville:

*  Sen. Cruz:

I urge the Department of Justice to immediately investigate and prosecute today's grotesque act of domestic terrorism.

*  Sen. Marco Rubio: 

Very important for the nation to hear describe events in for what they are, a terror attack by

Our hearts are with today's victims. White supremacy is a scourge. This hate and its terrorism must be confronted and defeated.
Then were there was our Governor who likes to call himself big and bold.

Gov. Walker:

We should all condemn the violence and hate in Charlottesville, VA.
But hey, he's preoccupied.

Two tweets back to back right after his Charlottesville nothing-burger tweet:

  1. Great times at , go !
  2. At tonight with friends cheering on the !

And finally, two more:
. thanks for a super ending!!!!



Raven said...

Time for the rectification of names: “Wanker”

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the others came out as strongly as they did - not by Walker's weak response.

Anonymous said...

Well once again Milwaukee is made a laughingstock by our full time cowboy and part-time Sheriff David "Dead Prisoners" Clarke.

Katrina said...

No respect from me for any of these fools until they recognize their mistake in supporting a racist for president and start calling for impeachment. Change must start at the top and that means the GOP leadership. They need to make this right by apologizing for Trump and getting rid of him - for a start. Then then need to work toward a just and equal society. These guys shouldn't get off with a well worded 140 character tweet.

Peter Felknor said...

Mr. Unintimidated doth protest too much.