Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vintage Walker uses Foxconn to flip off the people

[Updated from 8/22/17] Divide-and-conquer Walker is back.

Truthfully, he never left.

Already running for a third term, Wisconsin's Governor says that people concerned about his plan to give Foxconn unprecedented powers to evade environmental reviews, alter streams, build into lakes and fill wetlands are all "hype and hysteria," and he further says those concerned about the $3 billion public dollars he wants to give Foxconn with minimal jobs' performance  and payback guarantees remind him of people who objected to the Act 10 "bomb" - - his word - - he dropped without warning on them.

Disagree with the imperious Governor. Go suck a lemon, he's suggested.

At least this time he didn't go all hype and hysteria himself and call those teachers, nurses and retirees ISIS fighters

Regardless, Walker is in full re-election campaign mode, mocking and degrading Wisconsin voters, residents, troubled taxpayers and everyday conservationists who have fought long and hard for an environment they can hand to their grandchildren, and who are think it's wrong for Walker to give away what is not his to givee away - - water rights and water access guaranteed to all the people of the state by the Wisconsin Constitution.

Hype and hysteria?

How can you trust a politician who insults and waives off people as enthusiastically as he awards waivers of the commonly-held to big companies - - with  mining firms already joining mega-dairies in line up for similar special privileges - - and discards his sworn duty as the people's trustee, too?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Act 10 worked so well Walker and WisGOP were cutting funding to the UW and public schools again within 4 years because of budget deficits, and we are now in record debt.

Oh, and our job growth fell near the bottom of the Midwest within 3 months and never recovered. That's what Scotty is saying "Trust me, I know what I'm doing" with? No thanks, dude.

The general arrogance of the GOP is astounding, where they respond "Don't you get it?" when we dare to question the ridiculous cost and gutting of regulations with the Fox-con. Yeah, we DO get it, and that's why opposition to the Fox-con continues to grow.

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to believe a man who says bumping his head on a cabinet caused his bald spot?