Saturday, August 26, 2017

The GOP enables Trump's disrespect for the law

Tha Arapio pardon. Immigration and deportation illegalities. Trump's emoluments clause violations all over the place. Ivanka's brand and Jared's real estate promotion from the White House. Flynn and Jared's failure to disclose meetings with foreign leaders and a variety of Russian agents. Sessions and the EPA's Pruitt's failure to answer confirmation questions honestly while under oath.

And Trump's support for mob violence in Charlottesville, which actually began at his rallies, as did his threatening tone aimed at reporters for his own gratification and the mob's enjoyment.
Donald Trump Pentagon 2017.jpg
On and on and downward goes this Administration's respect for the law, because the oath he and others took at and after the inauguration were just words.

It's like the whole team had its fingers crossed behind their backs - - but it's much more serious, unprecedented and consequential than that.

And if Trump were impeached and convicted, what makes anyone think he'd go without a fight from his AR-15 militia which he'd call in to save himself from the fake Congress, prosecutors and media?

Also to buy time to finish pardoning hilmself and the whole crooked lot.

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