Friday, August 25, 2017

WI conservationists still in there pitching

While Wisconsin government is working overtime to fill wetlands, bulldoze dunes and lay waste to the environment and the people's water at the probable Foxconn site and elsewhere, grassroots groups are still trying to preserve the legacies inherited.
Friends of the Monarch Trail are holding a public event on the 27th; people trying to save a nature preserve and adjoining public park land south of Sheboygan gave the DNR an earful last night, I am told, despite the agency's effort to diffuse opposition with an 'open house' meeting format designed to obscure and fail; and Kewaunee County farmers are trying to stop the DNR and the big Wisconsin CAFOs the agency has enabled from turning on the brown water tap.

These are uphill battles, so props to the good folks willing to take a stand for the rest of us and generations to follow.

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