Friday, August 18, 2017

A wimpy Walker again won't link "Trump" to #Charlottesville

As noted here earlier, GOP WI Coward-in-Chief Scott Walker again has declined to use the word "Trump" when criticizing the murderous outbreak of racism and antisemitism last weekend in Charlottesville:
"What I have said and I'll repeat here - you've heard me say before since last Saturday is - both personally and on behalf of the people of this state, I unequivocally denounce any and all actions of hate and bigotry."
So Walker will "denounce any and all actions of hate and bigotry" - - how brave is that for a state's chief executive? - - but steadfastly refuses to condemn or link in any way the sitting President who has fuels and excuses that same "hate and bigotry."

Which took a life, damaged others and has sown the seeds of more violence down the road.

And ditto for Walker's cowardly companions Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, giving Wisconsin a sick first-place standing when it comes to enabling Trump's worst "actions of hate and bigotry." 

Such is the new GOP Wisconsin Idea where the Party of Lincoln was born.

Silence gives consent. 

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