Friday, August 11, 2017

WI now talking about < $15-per-hour Foxconn jobs

For the record:

Walker's initial Foxconn hype focused on new jobs averaging about $54,000 annually, but Wisconsin is now acknowledging it will subsidize those at the $30,000 level.
Assembly Republicans introduced revisions to the bill Friday. The new version retains the tax breaks but ties them to jobs created that pay at least $30,000 and exempts salaries over $100,000 from the calculations.
With 2,080 hours in a working year - - 40 hours x 52 weeks - - the subsidies to Foxconn will include jobs paying less than $15 per hour.

And aren't these the kind of jobs open to automation?

And will Foxconn be paid by Wisconsin taxpayers when these jobs are created, then robotized out of existence?

Revisions aside, the bill is still a gargantuan fiscal blow to the state, a gargantuan sop to the company and a gargantuan evasion of Wisconsin legal and constitutional protections to public water, wetlands, shorelines, and so forth.

One more thought: A financial calculator finds the average income needed for a family of four to live a "modest but adequate" lifestyle in Kenosha County is $81,457.


Anonymous said...

For people who may wonder what else is it it for Foxconn, Donald Trump threatened to raise tariffs on China and LCD screens are difficult to ship. Foxconn would be saving on
one or both (taking in to account if Trump is in office and does raise tariffs) WI is giving way more than we are reviving. Walker has just recently said he would have to stay gov. to see the deal for at least another term. That is one more reason this is an awful, awful, awfuy deal.

Anonymous said...

All we really need to remember is that Walker is a narcissist who doesn't care about where this state is ten years down the road, but he does care about where he is. So my question is, how much money will come from the Fox Con Job for his next presidential campaign?

All of the fools in the legislature think this is about jobs, hahaha, are they ever stupid. They are following the lead of a guy that blew a ton of money in a ridiculous campaign and can not even run his home finances. In other words, they are trusting a deal that will cost us billions of dollars, from a guy who is a fiscal moron.

my5cents said...

$15 an hour is NOT ENOUGH to care for a family and provide for all of their needs. Foxconn is nothing more than a con job. Let them build elsewhere because none of what they are saying will happen and they will be allowed to destroy the environment on top of all of the giveaways. Who will repair the environment once they are gone? Is the product they will make even in high demand considering they just built three factories in China? The one and only reason Walker is pushing this is just for the talking points to hopefully help him get a third term as governor. It is way past time for Wisconsin to have term limits on the governor's position and should be no more than 8 years. In four years Walker irreparably damaged this state so eight years is also too much time for someone like him in the office. Sorry for the rambling. These are things that have been on my mind for a while.